Who We Are

What we can do for you

Your Personal Travel Partner

We partner with your company to fit with your vision. We work closely with you to create a travel package for your groups that fits with your client’s desired results.

Your Destination Marketing Experts

We thrive in growing brand awareness for destinations, hotels or retail centers.
We represent your company and its products in key global markets with transparency and results.

Customer Journey-Experiential Travel

We are committed in providing real and unique group travel experiences, as unique as you and your clients.

Envisage Journeys International, is a young and vibrant Destination Marketing and Travel Management company; with years of experience and success in the travel trade, hospitality and retail industries

We are a new company. We are not the only ones, BUT WE ARE DIFFERENT. 

We like to Innovate and Break Down Barriers, Patterns and Monotony.

We are Passionate Entrepreneurs that Understand and Drive Their Business with the Customer Journey at the Essence of What We Do.

We Thrive in Growing and Promoting Destinations Around the Globe, while Positioning Your Company’s Brand in Core Markets.   

How We Add Value To Our Partners:

Market Expertise.

Experience & Understanding Of Consumer Purchasing Behaviour & Diverse Cultural Backgrounds.

Strong Global Network Of Tour Operators, Financial Institutions, Media and Public Relations.

Shopping Destination Experts

Our team

Victoria Zamudio-Senghera

Victoria Zamudio-Senghera

CEO/Executive Director
Paola Rincon

Paola Rincon

Head of Meetings and Events
Guillermo Rincon

Guillermo Rincon

Marketing Manager
Raman Senghera

Raman Senghera

Head of Sales and Business Development