Destination Marketing Representation

Envisage Journeys, understands how important it is to have a partner organization locally that embraces your brand and will deliver sales and footfall to your company. People you can trust and you are comfortable working with.

Whether it is on a project basis or as your Destination Marketing Agency, Envisage Journeys offers travel trade representation, destination marketing, travel trade PR services.

We have strategic partners and alliances in the USA, India, South Korea, Middle East, China, and Latin America,  which allow us to establish solid programs in-market to promote your brands.

Our Services:

Travel Trade Representation

B2B partners remain the biggest revenue contributor to most destinations. This is why face-to-face relationships and in-country presence, are essential to building and maintaining professional and long term strong relationships. We have the trust of our global trade partners and a great reputation in the industry.

With this in mind, we will represent your entity, product or destination with the highest standards and will deliver quality service for you and your customers. This can include:

-Plan Sales Missions, in order to meet with qualified and top travel trade professionals. including airlines, financial entities, embassies, and tourism boards.

-Brochure distribution- In-country.

-Planning and participation in international industry-related trade shows and events.

-Bring your destination or product directly to the trade or the consumers -In-country or via webinars.

-Market Research.

-Travel trade event planning in-country to include travel media and influencers.

Content Development

Direct Marketing plays an important role in positioning a product and a destination. It is the opportunity to reach out to potential travelers and engage with them directly through media campaigns, bloggers, influencers, social media and digital. The time is now to engage directly with the consumers and via Digital marketing Campaigns and social media, this can be achieved by mapping out the Customer Journey at the heart of what we do.

Media and Public Relations-Consumer and Trade.

We utilize our established in-market network and will explore many avenues to promote your company or brand to the targeted audiences. We have a pool of influencers, and bloggers as well as strong travel trade media relations in key markets.