Destination Marketing-Representation

Envisage Journeys, understands how important it is to have a partner/organisation locally, that embraces your brand and will deliver sales. Someone you can trust are comfortable working with.

Whether is on a project basis or as your Destination Marketing Representation company in the UK, Envisage Journeys offers integrated travel, sales, marketing and PR services in several markets such as: USA, India, Korea, MEA, China and South America.

With our strong global relationships, we will promote and connect your brands around the world through our trade and media experts, thus increasing brand recognition footfall and sales for your company.

We pride ourselves on being an energetic, passionate and enthusiastic partner, that works tirelessly for you and your organisation and represents your name with the highest standards. 

As Your Destination Marketing Partner we offer:

Travel Trade Marketing

The direct consumer marketing is rapidly growing, however B2B partners remain the biggest revenue contributor for most destinations. For this reason, face-to-face relationships and in-country marketing, is essential and that is why it is so important to establish presence and maintain professional and long term relationships with our trade partners in order to maximize in the opportunities to increase footfall and sales, with the customer Journey in mind.

Content Development

Direct Marketing plays an important role in positioning a brand or destination. It is the opportunity to reach out to potential travelers and engage with them directly through media campaigns, bloggers, influencers and social media.

Public Relations

We utilize our established in-market network and will explore many avenues to promote your company or brand to the targeted audiences.

 We will conduct on your behalf:

Presence at Consumer Trade, media and PR events 

Plan, coordinate and execute FAM trips and Sales Missions, in order to meet with qualified and top travel trade professionals, including airlines and tourism boards.

Digital Marketing Campaigns

Brochure Distribution- In Country

Coordination, Planning and Participation in Local or International Trade Shows.

Destination Training -In Country or Via Webinars

Site Inspections Hotels, Venues, Meeting Space, etc.